5 Fun Ideas For College Dorm Party

College is the perfect opportunity to meet new people and enjoy plenty of dorm parties. Check the most fun college dorm party ideas 

Hip Hop Night

Hip Hop Night

Rappers and RnB artists often host great shows. But you can make a friend public a song that sings hip hop.

Costume parties

Costume parties

Pick a particular movie or event as the theme and dress up the characters accordingly. You Can Choose Any Outfit Like at the Met Gala

Game Nights & Betting

Gather your friends and play group games with them. You can even organize your own game and put in tasks for rewards.

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Karaoke Night

It is important that this fun is not limited to just karaoke bars. Whip out a karaoke machine and have fun with your dorm members discovering their hidden talents.

Other college dorm party ideas

After Final Cry Parties

Sexy Nerd party

Masquerade Party

Devils and Angels