Researchers can hack Starlink, and even be paid $25,000, says SpaceX

Researchers can hack Starlink, and even be paid $25,000, says SpaceX

SpaceX has come up with a lucrative proposition for hackers in the field. It says how knowledgeable researchers can come to the fore and carry out the hacking of its satellite internet network Starlink. It also specifies that it can pay a maximum of $25,000 for detecting particular bugs in the network.

Musk’s rocket maker made the announcement following an important statement from security researcher Lennart Wouters. A few days ago, he clarified that he could hack internet service using only $25 worth of home appliances.

In the bug bounty program initiated by SpaceX, researchers submitted their discoveries of potential bugs to Starlink’s service. The company lauded the researcher’s findings in a document titled ‘Starlink Welcome Security Researchers (Bugs on the Bugs)’.

SpaceX explained how these researchers can join the team or submit their discoveries to SpaceX’s bug bounty program. SpaceX engineers are often found attempting to hack into satellite Internet service to improve and enhance security. In addition, this included any visiting researchers whose goal was to contribute to increasing security in Starlink.

According to the ‘Bug Bounty’ page, rewards ranging from $100 to $25,000 can also be awarded to those who carry out the entire process of testing and finding bugs on Starlink. About 32 researchers are listed on the website who reportedly discovered significant security concerns over the services.

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