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Home » Raven Gadgets: Best Indoor, Outdoor HD TV Antenna Reviews

Raven Gadgets: Best Indoor, Outdoor HD TV Antenna Reviews

Raven Gadgets Best Indoor, Outdoor HD TV Antenna Reviews

Raven Gadgets is an E-commerce website based in Miami, Florida, USA where you can buy all types of Gadgets with the best quality. The website claims and believes to be the number one online retailer online shop. They have almost everything related to technology and gadgets for the user or consumer. Best Outdoor TV Antenna, Indoor HD TV Antenna, TV Boy Caster, Wireless GPS Bluetooth Tracker Collar, Pet Tracker and Earbuds are some of their popular products.

In this article, we will review Raven Gadgets and talk about the pros and cons of using this website.

Online Shopping on Raven Gadgets

Raven Gadgets is one of those quick and reliable websites that will provide you easy online shopping facility to buy high-quality gadgets. Users can easily navigate their site. They have worked really hard on the design of the website as well as the UI so that the users can explore their favorite products. All you have to do is open your laptop or smartphone, open the website and select the product and order. The order is delivered to your doorstep within a few days.


Platform NameRaven Gadgets
IndustryTechnology, Gadgets, E-commerce, Retail
SIC Code59,596
NAICS code45,454110
Headquarters18923 NW 52nd Ct, Miami, Florida, 33055, United States
Revenue<$5 Million
Phone Number(786) 361-6803

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Raven Gadgets: Fake, Suspicious or Genuine?

Raven Gadgets website is trending on the internet and it is going viral these days. If you look at the reviews of previous customers who linked to the website, you will hear mixed opinions. Some people are sharing positive experiences, although most of them are negative.

These reviews and feedback are fake, according to scam detectors. They are not original by users and consumers. Positive feedback is being shown to the people in order to have a good grip among the users towards the branding. On the basis of Brand, Reviews, addresses, and Customer Relationships we give this website suspicious category status.

Scam ranking on the internet

The scam-detection platform has reported that Raven Gadgets ranked about 56% on a scale of authenticity or genuineness. And it is relatively low when there is no money involved.

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Raven Gadgets Best Products

At the Raven Gadgets, you will find different types of Tech products, indoor and outdoor household tech items, wearable and more which are listed as per the discount offer. We have released the list of popular products below.

  • 3D Lamps
  • Tracking Devices
  • Gym & Running
  • Headphones
  • Bluetooth running earbuds
  • Raven Running Headphones
  • Pet GPS Tracker (Cat tracker)
  • Keys locator / Key Finder With GPS
  • TV buddy
  • Outdoor TV Antenna
  •  Indoor TV Antenna
  • Ultra HD TV Antenna

Raven Gadgets best outdoor TV Antenna?

The Raven M1 is one of the best TV Antennas for outdoor and indoor use. Its competitors are Amazon Basic, Channel Master Omni+ and Winegard Elite Outdoor Antenna.

Specifications are as follows:

  • Range: 200 Miles
  • Channels Received: 100+
  • Amplified: No
  • 1080p Reception: Yes
  • Area Tested: Miami, Florida
  • Cable Length & Size: N/A
  • Detachable cable: Yes
  • Price: $79.95

Raven Gadgets best Indoor Antenna?

The Raven Ultra HD Antenna is one of the best indoor antennas and is great for TV reception. Its flat design and indoor HD TV antenna make it a unique compact antenna.

  • Range: 60 Miles
  • Channels Received: 48+
  • Amplified: Yes (Optional)
  • 1080p Reception: Yes
  • Cable Length & Size: N/A
  • Area Tested: Miami, Florida
  • Detachable cable: Yes
  • Price: $59.95 (Discount / offers available)

Raven Gadgets Reviews

I recently ordered a TV antenna from Raven Gadgets. I was very happy on how quickly everything was processed. Unfortunately where I live there was a problem and had to send it back. They quickly responded to my request for return. I would definitely use them again with other products.

Ronna Gero

Ordered an indoor tv antenna, received the item very quick. Unfortunately I am too far from a tv station for it to work. Contacted Customer Support and they were fantastic in working with me. Would recommend Raven Gadgets!

Kris Sheperd

Since I originally posted that review, Raven Gadgets refuses to return my emails, or my refund. I have tried for weeks to get them to respond to no avail. I have contacted the BBB and now I’m letting the public know, just like I told them I would in my last email to them. BUYER BEWARE!!! You’ve been warned!!! NO STARS

mary kay weis

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Raven Gadgets’s customer service number?

(786) 361-6803

Raven gadgets TV Buddy caster price?

The company offers TV Buddy for just $99.