How To Play Zombies On Call Of Duty (COD) Mobile 2022

How To Play Zombies On Call Of Duty (COD) Mobile 2022

How To Play Zombies On Call Of Duty (COD) Mobile 2022: You must wait in queue with other live players for Call of Duty Mobile’s zombies mode to begin. Unfortunately, a team is required to play this mode; it cannot be done solo. Anyone can invite friends to line up with them for this engaging game option, and up to three other players will be added to the group.

Zombies, the most popular game mode in the Call of Duty series, has been one of the most played modes in the Call of Duty series, aside from the battle royale and competitive modes. COD Mobiles Zombies Mode was introduced late last year and Call of Duty Mobile’s famous survival mode, which pits up to four players against each other on a version of the fan-favorite map Shi no Numa.

Here’s how to access Zombies Mode:

  • Step 1: In the main menu, select Events on the left.
  • Step 2: Select Select Now.
  • Step 3: Choose Undead Siege on the left.
  • Step 4: Tap on the Start button to start

To reiterate, the fan-favorite Zombies mode isn’t going to be available for a long time. Still, Activision has stated that “Shi no Numa”, and its hidden secrets, include the first of many Zombies experiences planned for Call of Duty Mobile. Also, any other limited-time events are being added to Call of Duty Mobile.

In Call of Duty Mobile’s zombie mode, a player must constantly make an effort to defend the control centre. In general, players are ignored by Warden and Heavy Gunner Zombies, who move on to the Control Center. If the structure is seriously damaged, it will require time-consuming wrench repairs that could be avoided by just going to get supplies.

How To Play Zombies On Call Of Duty (COD) Mobile 2022

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