Fantasy 5 Winning Numbers Florida, California & more Fantasy 5

Fantasy 5 Winning Numbers Florida, California & more Fantasy 5

The Fantasy 5 winning numbers today are updated below. Hurry up, match your numbers with drawing results and win a lottery prize of around $200,000. You can win a free ticket for matching just 2 numbers, isn’t it cool.

Fantasy 5 Lottery

Pick up fantasy 5 lottery payslip from authorized Florida Lottery retailer and select five numbers from 1 to 36. For a chance to win cash instantly, you can choose Ezmatch for an extra $1 per play. I hope you knew the details about this lottery. If you have already purchased a ticket then go below and see today’s fantasy 5 winning number live.

Note: The following numbers are taken from the official website

Fantasy 5 winning numbers today

April 28, 2022 (Thursday)


1 winners

Prize levelsWinnersPrize amount
5 of 51$182,980.91
4 of 5272$108.50
3 of 58051$10.00
2 of 580440Free Ticket


DateWinnersPrize amount



The drawings are held at 11.15 pm and players can purchase tickets until 10.40 pm.

Winning number

  • Florida fantasy 5
  • fantasy 5 California
  • amc fantasy 5
  • fantasy 5 ga
  • fantasy 5 Georgia
  • Arizona fantasy 5
  • fantasy 5 Michigan
  • fantasy 5 ca
What were the Fantasy 5 numbers for last night?

Last night numbers or previous results are given in the post

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